Ars Latetrs Latet, the art is hidden, from the latin:
lătĕo, es, latŭi, latēre, being hidden, covered, concealed, protected, sheltered, being safe, living retired or quietly,  being unknown, to escape.
The art is difficult to find out, to be recognized, to be expressed clearly. This difficulty, far to be a negative character, has an important role: it saves the art itself, which is protected and hence free to continue to be. Naves latent portu, ships are hidden and protected inside the harbor, Hor..
Ars latet was given to me by my friend M. A. Passarelli, she was inspired by the Ovidio sentence: Ars latet arte sua, true art consists in concealing its artfulness; true art let us experience an emotion as derived by a real vision.


Anzio Ruins

Valerio de Rubeis, Italian, born in 1960.
He followed scientific schools until the laurea in Geological Sciences. At present he is a senior researcher at the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia. His researcher topics include statistical analysis of seismicity with the application of fractal theories, macroseismicity and statistical analysis of geophysical and seismic data.
He used to take photos since he was 12 y.o.. At present he follows the development of personal themes using digital and large format cameras: digital for preliminary investigations and large format for definitive work.
In the years 2008 and 2009 he gave lessons in History of Photography at a public library in Rome.
This site is intended to show photographic activity and, possibly, to receive comments and feedbacks.
If you want a contact, please use the following e-mail address:

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